Taking a break

Thursday afternoon. I have been neglecting this site terribly for ages and it's got to stop. This is sacred ground for me - I've written my soul on the pages you see here for nearly four years now - and I feel as though I'm desecrating it with my lack of love and care. And yet there's this huge weight of responsibility when I think about this place, this community, and I know that it censors me and feels like a burden too heavy to lift some days. So, I'm going to take a break.

For the next little while - until I feel the passion for writing eloquently return - I will scratch out some painfully bad words in structure-less posts at my temporary site so, if you have stuck around this long and are still interested, drop by.

This is not "good bye", it's just "so long for now" (I love this place too much to leave for good).


Come back soon. Please.
Argy said…
Don't leave!
I feel the same as you now. That I neglect my blog and that I neglect you all as well. ITs a horrible feeling I tell you!

But don't leave!
Elpinoine said…
Sometimes a break can be a good thing. I've been lax myself lately, but posting when the urge hits. enjoy your break!

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