Scurry, scurry, work and worry

Wednesday afternoon. I have been such a busy and efficient Project Manager today! Yes, it's true that I've not been uniformly excellent in my job performance in the not-so-distant past, so I'm especially well pleased with myself today. I'm telling you, I credit it all to the new mindset I've got. Things are getting done, opportunities to procrastinate have not been feels good.

On the home front, it's T minus 5 days until Mick flies away. He's running around doing handyman things at my condo while simultaneously dealing with final details at work and thinking about packing up. I'm telling you, he's more stressed than I've ever seen him! The cats still growl, hiss, and smack at each other although they sometimes forget to do so when they're in pursuit of something fun (like food, a toy, or Mick's laser light pointer). The cat sitter will be over from Friday until Monday because we'll be in northern California in preparation for the flight on Monday - it will be interesting to see what she reports when I get back.

Just got a call from Alcott's siblings' CASA and it turns out that their biological mother has just cancelled on a visit that was supposed to happen tonight and now wants to take them out tomorrow. Of course, we had scheduled a visit for tomorrow and the foster parents had made other plans, too, but why should anyone else's needs be taken into account? (Hmmm, crabby much, Denise???) I'll give Mick a call and break the news that my schedule has changed yet again which will not make him ultra happy because he's more of a "schedule it and then keep it" kind of guy. Probably a good thing we're not going to have children, don't you think?

Back tomorrow with more tales of excitement!


Kat said…
Big hugs coming your way!!!!
M@rla said…
WTF? I insist that you have children.

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