Tears fall down like rain

Saturday afternoon. We went to check out the construction of our new townhouse this morning. Things are going great, it was wonderful to see everything moving along, and I hate that Mick won't be here when I move in. He won't be here in eight days. I cried in the IHOP this morning and I nearly couldn't stop. How many tears can you hold inside before you just explode? We are about to find out, friends.


California Girl said…
Oh Denise, I send you many hugs. It can't be easy!!! Relish in the beautiful friendships that you have and find the strength to carry on :)
I know it's going to be tough, Denise. I'm not sure if there's a limit on tears, unfortunately.
It will be tough and all of us would cry buckets. Just try to be closely connected on a daily basis.
Anonymous said…
You could get one of those crystal tear vials and save them for when Mick comes back. Do you know the things I'm talking about??

OK, maybe that's stupid. Maybe not.

Regardless, let it all out - we'll be here for you.
I'm sorry that your man is going away but grateful he signed up to defend our country. . . good luck with the new place. `

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