Thursday morning. Today is my Friday because, as I've been doing since March 9th, I'm taking Friday off this week. (Wow, is it ever going to suck on June 1st when I don't have the day off?!!) Mick and I will spend some quality time together and I'm going to clean my bedroom closets out. Not just "let's get rid of a few things that don't fit or aren't flattering" (or "I can't get that marinara/red wine/pesto stain out"), but a real purging of the clothing and accessories. I have so much crap costume jewelry. Seriously, I could host my own second-hand version of QVC right in my living room if I wanted to and was organized enough. Anyway, my motivation in doing this is three-fold.

First, I need more room in my closets. Mick's clothes are EVERYWHERE. Part of that is because that's how he is but even if he wanted to put them away, there's no room to do so. Also, I have clothes that will not fit in the closet because it's too full. This must stop.

Second, I have clothes in every size from 12 (not 12W but a real 12) to 26W. I am currently somewhere between 24W (if elastic in the waist) and 26W. I have not been lower than 18W since 1997, so this is ridiculous. I'm going to purge everything below 18W and then I'm going to toss in everything I don't currently fit that is a wardrobe basic. You know what I'm talking about: black tshirt, white tshirt, basic camis, cheap shorts, etc. I can buy that stuff cheaply when I get to that size and it just makes me mad to look at all of those things hanging there when I can't wear them. I'll keep the nice pieces between here and 18W, though, and I think I'm going to vacuum bag them for better space utilization.

Finally, I think that hanging on to all of this...stuff is weighing me down spiritually, too. I think that, until I make room for the thinner me to emerge and pick out her own clothes, I'm not going to see the success that I desire. Last night was my first visit with Gloria since the wedding and I'm down 11-1/2 pounds - that's just over 2 pounds a week, not bad. I couldn't really tell her, though, how it happened. I mean, I was down 15 pounds when I was sick as a dog and then back up those 15 plus 4 more the week afterwards, so I don't exactly know what's been going on in my poor body. I haven't been exercising but I haven't been bingeing, either (I can't because Mick lives with me now). Not sure what it means, but it's definitely interesting.

So, anyway, I will soon have a great deal of time on my hands and hopefully lots more room in the bedroom closets. If the Universe is listening, I'm ready for transformation and I'm willing to put the work in...let's get started.


Bonnie Jacobs said…
Hello, Denise. I followed you on "Michelle sent me" and am here to visit. I can relate to your idea that "stuff" weighs us down. In my case most of the stuff is either books (I read a lot) or paper (I write a lot). I have managed to weed out clothes that no longer fit or that I'll no longer wear, but getting rid of boxes of books and boxes of paper takes (me, at least) a long time because I have to read the stuff to see if it's worth saving. Obviously I once thought so, which is why I still have it. The problem then compounds itself because I invariably find something interesting and get distracted, then off I go on a tangent and the books and papers don't go anywhere. What to do, what to do? I really must have a talk with myself about this someday, right after I finish reading this great book ... lol ... and writing a comment on your blog.
JessiferSeabs said…
I JUST -- like, 20 minutes ago -- finished purging my closet. Very cathartic. We live in a teeny tiny house too, so I understand the need for space.
Shannin said…
There is something about cleaning out and unburdening yourself. Out with the old, in with the new...

What about a storage unit?
Good luck with the closet purge. I need to do that, too. I have clothes from when I worked in Corporate America...19 years ago.
Lori G. said…
I can relate to the endless pile of stuff. I have been purging things (trying to find someone to take my bigger stuff) and I still have too much stuff.

As for your jewelry, you can always sell the excess on ebay (let me know if you do that, I bet you have fun and great taste!).

I hope no one moves in with me b/c I don't want to share! lol.x
Wow! You even have more than me and I have a hard time purging. Yes, time to do it. You'll feel uplifted and a lot lighter in mind and spirit.

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