Blogger misbehaving and other frivolous things

Thursday afternoon. Blogger has eaten several of my posts lately because it's taken me so long from beginning to write until I finish that it's logged me out. Not that it tells me that as I'm typing - oh, no! - only when I try to save and it takes me to a login screen. (And I can't get back to my post.) Niiiiiiiiice.

I spoke to my husband yesterday for an hour. An hour! What a luxury!!! He is happy and got my package with his uniform and alarm clock, so I'm pleased about that. He's meant to be taking a tour of Yokohama today (or was that yesterday for him? I can't keep track of time between us) for work, which I think is a mighty nice thing for the Navy to do. (I just don't think of the Navy as being sensitive...can't think why.) He also asked me to pick up another pair of the new running shoes he likes so much. (They're on sale for $69.99 at the Navy Exchange and we paid over $125 for them at the store I linked to. Not a bad sale, eh?)

Oh my gosh, did I just write a paragraph about buying my husband shoes? Gah!

(And I'm hoping to get started on some miles to move my walking ticker very soon...)


Matilda444 said…
I'm sure glad you mentioned the walking ticker! I keep hoping to see something other than "730 miles to go". You can do that for YOU. And in so doing motivate the rest of us. Go Girl !!!

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