Esther Williams, eat your heart out!

Friday afternoon. The water aerobics class was great - I had so much fun. And it's a good workout, too. Lots of cardio and then strength training, too. I was the youngest person in class by about 20 years, but that just added to the fun. I don't know why I stopped going last year because I enjoyed it then, too (probably something stupid like being too ashamed of my bingeing to want to exercise), and I'm going to give it another go.

In other news, my new townhouse now has doors, cabinets, and paint color on the walls. Also, they've got the wooden forms up in preparation of pouring the cement pathways for the interior courtyard of our building! The building that is scheduled for completion a month before ours has the granite countertops in the kitchen, the hardware for the doors (including the ability to lock them - bummer for my nosiness), and the garage doors. They also have concrete in the alley behind the building where the garages are. My parents and I are meeting there tomorrow before going to lunch together and I'll be so proud to show them my new home. More and more I find myself determined to make it all perfect because it's just too beautiful not to do so. New artwork for the walls. New furniture at least in the dining and living rooms. No clutter. Clean lines, welcoming spaces...I want that so much.


Shannin said…
Water aerobics are great! I love my class, although I haven't been in FOR-EVER. I was always one of the youngest as well, but I will go this weekend because of this post!
Mae said…
I would love to do water aerobics, and have been encouraged by my doctor to swim because it will be easier on the fibromyalgia we know suspect I have... however, there's two problems with this plan. First off, the closest pool is easily 50 minutes away... and second, a pool requires a bathing suit, and I just cannot bear to wear one in public.

So yeah. Those are two big issues. Glad you enjoyed it!
California Girl said…
Here it is! Thanks :)

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