Have you seen Sarah lately?

Just had to pop back to say that, if you haven't gone to visit Sarah lately, go over and check her out. Cancer's got nothing on this babe and she's still kicking butt and taking names. As she pointed out in her comment to my last post, she and I were part of the (Weight Loss Blogger) Class of 2004 and lost an obscene amount of weight together back then. Perhaps we can do it again?


Anonymous said…
Oh, HELL yeah!!! Denise, I've got my little exercise calendar all drawn up (starts on Monday) and I've got Lorraine's commitment to start and stay on plan with me. So YAY!

Denise, I don't want to pressure you at all, but if you'd like to do somesort of buddy thang (I promise I'm not a stalker) I'd TOTALLY be up for it! I'm serious about getting back on plan, and I'm going to be talking about it on my blog, too.

Whatever positive changes you make, I support! Sometimes we need an All or Nothing approach, and sometimes we don't. And what worked for you back in our hayday might not feel right now. I'm not sure exactly where your head is about weight loss right now -- and it's not like I have to, 'cuz it can be a private thing -- but wherever you are with it, and to whatever degree -- I'm here for support. I love you unconditionally, girl! I still am amazed by the generosity and sensitivity of your gift to me back in the day of that gorgeous eyebrow kit. How freakin' sensitive and sweet are YOU??? SO nice you are.

And speaking of nice, look at you making an entry about me, and speaking so highly of me at that!

You really are one of my favorite people, and I've never even met you.

CLASS OF 04!! CLASS OF 04!! CLASS OF 04!! We will, we will rock you.

Oh yeah.

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