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Sunday night. I'm pretty proud of myself tonight. I overcame inertia sufficiently to give a bunch of stuff to Goodwill today even though I'd much rather just sit on the sofa. To be clear, I didn't give away as much as I could have - let's not expect miracles overnight - but I gave away a lot of stuff and I feel good about that.

I also want to mention that I attribute a lot of the funk I'm experiencing to impending TTOM. I've never tracked it before but I'm pretty sure that I get depressed around this time every month. Or perhaps every other month. In any case, I don't expect to be turning cartwheels with joy in a couple of weeks, but I'm sure that everything will get a little easier. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised to find that I've started menopause - certainly my hormones seem to be more wacky than any other time in my life. I mean, I've always had the horrible cramps, tenderness, and bloating, but I can't ever remember being so moody.

By the way, I had a sobbing fit while driving yesterday, so I guess I've no need to worry that I've stopped missing him. (Don't worry, I pulled over.) I love my husband, I miss my husband, my life does go on, and that's nothing for me to be ashamed of.


Me said…
Hey....Not sure where your husband is....since I have to read up on your blog and i just read this post now...but the sobbing comes and goes. One never knows. :)
Lori G. said…
I've had my own little spells of crying and my need for anger management at the grocery store last week.

When I was in jr. high, someone solemnly informed us that her "Aunt Flo had arrived." My BFF and I were a bit clueless and we said, "Who cares if her dumb aunt is visiting -- she's a raging bitch this week!"

Hang in there!
Amy said…
You know how they say alcohol is a personality enhancer? I think being down in the dumps is a PMS enhancer.

We always said "Aunt Dot is visiting." Get it? A period is a dot? And that was even before the internet.
It must be extra hard mising him when you've got PMS or your curse. Do you still see your young boy, Alcott? He brings you such joy.

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