Panic attacks: Still not as much fun as you'd think

Wednesday morning. First and foremost, I must do the "I'm not worthy" bowing thing while facing north to acknowledge that Hilly is the bomb. I mean, that's true just in general, too, but this time I'm specifically acknowledging the fact that she turned me on to the wonderfulness that is Maid Brigade.

I don't know if I mentioned it here or not, but my MIL and nephews are coming down Friday night and staying three nights with me. I've been having mad panic attacks about what the heck I'm going to do to make my house reasonably presentable again. I mean, I don't have room for most of the stuff I own, much less the stuff of Mick's that he brought down before he left, and there are boxes and bins littering my house. Not to mention that the "guest room" is more like the "cats room". I haven't been able to get my house cleaned since the day before my wedding (April 13th, for those not keeping score) because of all of the clutter and this has made me very sad, so I've been trying for over a month now to get the clutter down to a manageable (and Maid Brigade-able) level. I'm making progress, too, it's just that depression makes it really difficult to do it all at once, so I'm taking little swings at a time. Now I have to make a quantum leap!

In any case, I've got the cleaners coming today (I shoved everything either onto the balcony or into my room - closed door, cats inside) and then, once the dust and other nastiness is gone, I'll need to:

1. Wash the slipcovers on my couch (food spills - icky)
2. Wash the sheets and counterpane on the guest room bed
3. Put the guest room curtains in the dryer on Wrinkle Control cycle to remove layers of cat fur
4. Get the spare bedside table out of the Guest Room and to Goodwill
5. Move the Kitty Tower into the corner of the Guest Room currently occupied by #4
6. Go grocery shopping. I only have water and 10-year-old condiments in my refrigerator and I'm pretty sure they'll want something more than that to eat
7. Go to the Marine base to see if I can get discounted tickets to the WFZ

Still, it's feeling more manageable now that I've figured out a way to get the beloved cleaners back in. I can't wait to have clean everything (except my room)!


Bluegrass Mama said…
I hope you relax enough to have fun with your company. And I see miles on your tracker--hurray!
JessiferSeabs said…
Oh jeez, my house is out-of-control messy right now and it's driving me bonkers. I need to do laundry like nobody's business. I can't seem to motivate, mostly because today I'm so hungover that I might actually die. I'm travelling every weekend for the next two months and the idea of having to come home to a messy house each time is putting me right over the edge.

I need Maid Brigade!!!
Michele said…
Oh no! Is it true? Guests really expect more than water and ten-year old condiments? What if it is gourmet mustard, is that more acceptable? Please rush response before my dinner party on Saturday evening.

Offering advice I would never listen to: they are coming to see YOU not the curtains in your guest room?

And yes, I would also ignore that advice.
Anonymous said…
Maid Brigade is like the Paxil of the 2000's! I am glad that you still love it!

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