You don't have to use port-a-potties when you walk a virtual marathon

Wednesday afternoon. Remember back in December/January when I was dithering about getting myself a new Nike+ transponder to use with my iPod? Well, I finally did and then I got an email from Nike over the weekend inviting me to participate in their virtual half marathon. Of course, I decided immediately to do it. Some of you might have noticed that the walking widget I'd installed on the site suddenly moved...well, this is why.

Now, I'm sure many of you are shaking your heads and saying, "Gosh, she's going all gonzo for some crazy plan again. How many of these have we sat through?" I'd be right there with you except for three things. The three things are the reasons that I'm doing this: 1. My health, and, 2. to celebrate the lives of my BFF Tracy's mom (fighting through multiple myeloma) and my dear blog buddy, Sarah. This virtual half marathon (and the very real marathon and half marathon it's attached to) raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and I've also added a widget to collect funds for that organization, too. Regardless of how you feel about my lack of moderation in my grand schemes and plans, this is a great group and I'll happily pass along anything that might be donated from this site before the race.

Also? Not nearly as many nasty long walks for the half marathon as for a full marathon. I've trained for a full marathon before and - whoa Nelly! - the long run/walks were brutal. The longest I've got to go for this one is a 12 mile walk and I can already do that, albeit very slowly. And, since mine is a virtual marathon, completed at my own pace, in my own time, I have no fear of time limits or laughing spectators. On October 21st, the day in question, I'll be at a conference in Palo Alto, California in the morning (until noon) and then I'll fly home, so the plan is to walk around Mission Bay (including Fiesta Island) once I get off of the plane and then rush home to sync my iPod and become an official finisher. You know I'll post my official time here as well as any photos I manage to take. (Did I mention that Mick bought me an adorable new camera? Oh is candy apple red AND small enough to fit in a fanny pack. Shaddup - you have to carry a fanny pack when you walk for more than a mile without support stations!)

Finally, if anyone wants to walk "with" me, follow the link above and sign yourself up. All you need is a pair of shoes (don't have to be Nikes), a Nike+ transponder, and an iPod Nano (look at the refurbished ones on the site) and you, too, can do the virtual thing. Think about it.


Bluegrass Mama said…
Sounds like a great idea! It's not for me, as I have no iPod or transponder, but I am still thinking of walking a 1/2 marathon next April.
M@rla said…
"Laughing spectators"? Girlie, you are even worse than I am! No, actually, you're exactly the same. I am always sure people are going to laugh at me, and possibly throw rocks. Hasn't happened yet...

Anyway, great idea, whoot whoot!
Shauna said…
I'm thinking I'll register for this too. I live in LA now, but grew up in SD, so I'll be thinking of you walking around the bay! I suspect some of my training walks will be down there when I'm visiting family:) Good luck!
KTB_ said…
Hi Denise,

I've been thinking about you for the past couple weeks. I wish there was some way to make this whole eating/binging thing easier for you. I know you said it could be the time of the month that brings you down and Mik being away -- but I wish it was just easier for all of us, honestly. What makes it so very complicated? Also, I wanted to do this virtual Nike thing with you but I cannot afford the Nano - especially because I already have a perfectly good first generation iPod. I am going to do the walk anyway, but I just wanted it to be official-like. Also, any luck with the new furniture? Find anything perfect?


P.S. Isn't it funny that my verification word was gaphag? Not sure why that makes me giggle.

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