Come and knock on my door

Monday afternoon. I'm becoming one of those people, aren't I? You know, those people who never update their journal and then come back and apologize for their neglect? Well, I shan't be apologizing and can only say that I'll make a better effort going forward.

Last night, I decided to go and visit my new townhouse to take some pictures for Mick. It was after the sales office closed but I figured I'd just drive out to the construction and not worry about the hard hat because no one would be working that late on a Sunday anyway. That's when I found out that I have door handles with locks installed on my exterior doors now. Yes, I was locked out of my own house! (Too funny.)

I've been debating about posting the address to Mick's new blog here because I don't want to make him feel weird about having a ton of traffic. Today, however, he's having sort of a tough time, so I was wondering if a few of you might be willing to go over and post some nice comments for him. If you're interested, email me and I'll send you the URL along with my most sincere thanks for your generosity of spirit.

p.s. I had an epiphany over the weekend. As I was cleaning out my closet and giving 10-15 pairs of shoes and that same number of handbags to Goodwill, I realized something important: I don't dress comfortably when I'm losing weight/not fat. It's true! I was looking at my comfy, slightly-better-than-sweatsuit loungewear hanging in the closet and I thought about the fact that I wear a lot of that sort of thing when I'm fat. (As I am now.) Comfy, stretchy, color-coordinated, and completely without style. When I'm in the process of losing weight (working out, making good food choices), I dress with care, do something more with my hair than brush, part, and pull behind my ears, and put on some makeup. I do none of that right now. Slouchy. Comfy. Gack! I immediately resolved to wear something requiring high heeled shoes most days of the week. (Today is kitten heels worn with comfy clothes: we start small and grow.)

Then I realized that my house looks much the same way. Comfy. Slouchy. Cluttered with doo-dads and gee-gaws that I collect and hoard because I don't want to deal with the amount of upkeep a truly elegant house would require. But would Mick be comfortable in a truly elegant house with lovely furniture? (Would he be comfortable with a wife who is elegantly dressed with high heels on? Would I feel comfortable dressed that way with him in his polo shirt, khakis, and Birkenstocks?)

This sort of thinking makes it very difficult to choose furniture and is quite possibly why I always end up with tan and cream sofas and my grandmother's hand-me-down dining set - if you don't stand out, no one notices you.


Anonymous said…
I am exactly the same way! Over the last month, I noticed a pattern of doing more laundry than usual because I wanted the "regular" jogging suits and comfy casual lounge wear way more than I should have.

It's odd that it doesn't even take being thin...if I really am eating well and working out, I feel better about myself and dress better. Oh yeah, and I don't do my hair much either when I am slouchy....ponytail much?
KTB_ said…
E-mail me Mick's blog please :)
JessiferSeabs said…
I would love the url and I'll go spread some cheer from Mpls!
M@rla said…
Slouchy rules!

I vote for tan and cream couches. Be conservative and cautious. Then when you're feeling wild, you can get red and purple pillows or whatever. Girlie, you CAN have it both ways.
Ann said…
I found Mick's blog. You two are so cute talking back and forth on it---well, he's talking and you're commenting :)
Lori G. said…
I agree with Marla on the couches. Accessories make rooms pop and you can have good bones in your sofa, etc.

But if you watch What Not To Wear, Clinton's least favorite word is "comfortable" -- everyone who says it to him tries to use that word to justify bad clothing.

I think starting out with kitten heels is a good thing. Me, I'm just trying to wear more make-up and not look like I'm washed out. May I have Mick's url?

I'm glad to see you're all busy, active and thinking positively! Yay you!
KTB_ said…
Oh and I LOVE the light fixture outside your condo. -Taylore

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