Crazy for you, or just plain crazy???

Thursday afternoon. It's crazy to think that I haven't posted since last month. Neglect your journal much, Denise? Still, I reached a point of stress/overcommitment/procrastination so exquisite that I was, quite literally, prioritizing things like sleep vs. finishing the annual reviews I so enjoy writing vs. spending time with BFF Tracy on her rare weekend in San Diego. Finally I just had to scream (a la Susan Powter), "Stop the Insanity," and start dropping all non-essential for continuation of life activities (posting here, working out, sleeping more than a few hours a night) in favor of getting on with it. Well, getting on with it and also all of the procrastination/avoidance techniques I could stuff in there while still managing to get on with it. *Sigh*

Consequently, you'll notice there was no progress on the training schedule last week. Nope, not a second of working out unless you count the hyperventilating. I'm very fortunate that it's early enough in the program that I can miss a week without blowing all of it, so I'm hopping back on right this very minute. As I sit here. Well, actually, I jumped a bit earlier, too, when I went over to the fitness center at our new (amazing!!!) office to sign up for my fit test and center orientation. I also picked up one of their "10 classes for $30" cards so that I can start trying the Friday from 7 to 7:45 a.m. Stretch & Relaxation class. If it works out well, I'm going to switch my flexibility day from Sunday to Friday and then have Sunday as a day off. Additionally, they have personal trainer packages as well, so I'm thinking about that after the half marathon (in October). Fortunately, my company provides a certain amount of money as a fitness incentive, so I can get ten 30-minute sessions for free, and that's nothing to sneeze at.

Mick officially found out today that he won't be promoted to Chief Petty Office this year, and that stinks. He works hard, he wants it so badly...but not this year. I'm convinced he'll get it next year, though, because his current command just loves him. It's as though he's found his real "home" within the Navy and I'm so happy for him. To hear the disappointment in his voice when he called, though, was just awful. I wish I could reach through the phone and give him a big hug, and I'll just have to save it up until I see him next.

Special for Taylore: What do you think of this dining room table and chairs? How about this recliner chair in red leather??? They're all Ethan Allen and they're on super-duper clearance right now.


KTB_ said…
Oh my. I love them ALL! I didn't even know Ethan Allen had clearance! Mmm.

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