Fussing around while accomplishing nothing

Friday afternoon. I've been playing with my template again, after reading a post from another writer about annoying things about blogs. I've cleaned several of the badges and ring thingies from my sidebar because I honestly haven't done anything with them in years, so why keep them? Isn't it a lot like the decluttering I've already done with my office and am in the beginning stages of at the condo? I think so and I also think that I like the cleaner (leaner) look.

Of course, I should be getting changed for my fit test at the corporate fitness center instead, but that's the topic for a different post.


Michele said…
I am very fond of de-cluttering, or rather the thought of it. If you were able to see my desk at the moment, dE-clutter is exactly what you would suggest I do.

Oh wait, you are suggesting it.

Well, okay, but only because you said so...
Neil said…
I think getting rid of all the clutter from the sidebar also makes the page load faster.
Bluegrass Mama said…
Good luck with all that de-cluttering. It's a lifetime project for me.

Meanwhile, looking forward to hearing out the fit test went.

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