I miss my husband

No need for fancy titles because this one sums it all up neatly. I know that he's coming home on leave in 5-1/2 weeks and still it's too long. I want my husband back.

I want him at home when I get there, playing with the cats.

I want him around on the weekends when I want to do something fun or just anything other than pack, give stuff to Goodwill, or run to the store for something-or-other.

I want him to be able to see my new office in person, rather than in pictures.

I want his clothes hanging next to mine, even if it means I need to throw everything of mine away.

I want to see his Jeep in the parking lot next to Esme the Escape.

I want his dirty clothes strewn about our bedroom and his bathroom stuff spread across the counter.

I want to have to crank the AC down to -50 to combat what I like to call the "Burrito Effect" (when his core temperature goes up 20 degrees as he falls asleep).

I want to watch him torment the cats while we watch TV.

I am tired of people telling me how sorry they are and how hard it must be. I know they're well meaning and I know they're being sincere and I know, too, how ungrateful that must sound. Still and all, I don't want this anymore.

I want my husband back. Full stop.

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