New everything, same old me

Thursday afternoon. It's almost comforting that, in a world where nearly everything that surrounds me is new - husband, office, townhouse (soon, please God!), teal wedge-heeled pumps - I just stay the same. Same poor eating. Same good intentions of becoming a fitness superstar falling to the wayside in the face of extreme stress. I was going to get all philosophical about that and then I decided just to post a picture of my new office instead. Unfortunately, I looked at the picture and realized that my company's name and logo is splashed on at least two items figuring prominently in the picture, so I've got to delete it, right? Nope! I just went through and systematically removed any corporate references (there were a bunch) and we're good to go again.

Whew, saved me from having to do a "real" post!


M@rla said…
Ah, the "photo" post. That's when I do my "what's in my refrigerator" posts; when I have nothing to say.
Shannin said…
Nothing like a new office. I've been going through a whole detox/cleanse period, which includes office & home... Hope you get your teal shoes!

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