You are the sunshine of my life

Friday afternoon. On Monday night, I was attempting to cool off in front of the air conditioner after a wretched day spent packing Mick's condo up when my cell phone rang. It was Genevieve, the advocate for Alcott's siblings, so I picked up even though I was dead tired.

"Denise?" It wasn't Genevieve, it was Alcott using Genevieve's phone. "We're going to dinner and no one's seen you in forever so we wondered if you'd meet us."

Would I meet them? "Of course. I'll be right there," I said, as I hauled my sore, weary body off of the couch and away from the lovely coolness. No question. Immediate tears as my whole being filled with the relief of knowing that salvation was close by.

Nothing, no one, and no horrible experience is too great to be overcome with the force of happiness and light that comes from that boy. My loathesome day disappeared and I laughed as the boys told of their days' adventures and I remembered again why I'm the luckiest girl in the world.


Mae said…
I'd say he's pretty lucky, too.
Lori G. said…
I'm so glad someone, especially Alcott!, called you and made you leave your air conditioning.

I hope you had a good weekend.
Trish said…
You are a very lucky girl and he is too. Sometimes our days suck big time, but we cannot forget the great stuff we have in our lives :)

You rock girlie!
M@rla said…
Chica, you so need to have kids
KTB_ said…
Been thinking about you recently and just wanted to say hi :)


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