Football, fun, and Fred

Friday afternoon. Ever have one of those days where the hands of the clock seem to be glued down? I am having one of those days today.

Fred, my office goldfish, swims merrily whenever I cast him a glance, but I know that's just so that I'll feed him. (He is, without a doubt, my fish!) One interview, no formal meetings, lots of "drop ins"/"drive bys", and several tasks I just don't feel like doing (and so am not), and I'm in a funny sort of mood.

I've been browsing Amazon for some good books - although I most certainly have more than enough of them, unread, at home - to take my mind off of...well, I'm not sure what it is I'm trying to ignore because it really seems that I'm not thinking about much of anything. I wish that I could go and sit in one of the lovely patio chairs outside on the promenade that connects our buildings here at work, underneath one of the patio umbrellas, and while away the rest of the afternoon. Perhaps with a glass of wine.

Oh, wait! I can do that and will be doing so in about 30 minutes! And then I'll just sit and relax with my friends/colleagues until 5:30 when I'll leave for Alcott's football game.

Gosh, Life is good.


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