Just a little tired

Wednesday afternoon. No, I'm not dead, just really, really tired. And stressed. This whole "being separated from your husband by an entire continent while you're buying a new house" thing is really overrated. My body is yelling at me in ways most unpleasant and I'm just trying to put Band-Aids on things until after I move.

I'll eat better after I move.

I'll see the doctor and dentist after I move.

I'll stop eating Tums to deal with my (recurrent) ulcer after I move.

I'll start going to the 7am Stretch and Relaxation class on Fridays here at work after I move. (Yes, we really have group exercise classes here at work. On campus. Still not doing anything.)

I'll have the mental breakdown that I'm currently holding off with a pitchfork and torch after I move.

Yes, yes, yes...I know I should do it all now, but that just stresses me out and stress makes my stomach hurt and makes me want to eat and makes me cry instead of sleep. In other words, I'm doing the best that I can and that's just going to have to be good enough until after I move.

Here are good things that have happened recently:
1. Alcott's team won their first game on Friday. We all went to Denny's - the whole team - and I got to eat dinner next to the best high school quarterback in San Diego. He was also quoted in an article about his team. In a real, printed newspaper! Hurrah for Alcott.

2. I had to go in over the weekend and approve the dye lot of the tile for the new townhouse. This is a good thing because they said they needed to start installation this past Monday because the builder was putting pressure on them for my unit to be ready early. Which is good because that means it might be ready when TCB comes home on October 6th. (Less than 24 days from now!!!) They've also called to schedule my walk through and "sales audit"...whatever the heck that is. I know that the walk through is a very good sign and am hoping the audit thingy doesn't involve math.

3. I've decided to go back to referring to my beloved husband as TCB. Someone mentioned in an email that they liked the name, too, and it makes me feel as though he's still just up in Oceanside instead of Japan. I miss him so much. It's hard on him, too, and I feel bad about that. TCB makes me remember all of our good times and makes me think about all of the good that is to come.

Come on October 6th!!!


24 days...woohoo! It won't be long now, Denise :)
Glad to hear the townhouse is coming along so well. I've only built a house once in my life but I do remember how stressful it all was, having to make all of those decisions. Hang in there, kiddo, and congrats to Alcott and his football team on their first win of the season :)

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