Principled for a Day!

Tuesday afternoon. I received an email this morning at work offering me the opportunity to participate in a program called "Principal for a Day". It's a program offered by the San Diego Unified School District for community partners to become Principal of a local school for one morning. The idea is that the community partner gains a better understanding of what the Principal faces on a daily basis while also asking questions and providing suggestions of better/different ways of doing things. I immediately thought to myself, "What better way to enjoy myself than by spending the day at Alcott's school, as his Principal???" I immediately sent my application in by facsimile and am hoping to be accepted into the program.

(It doesn't hurt that the day of the program is the day that TCB will leave me again to return to his ship. Giving me a reason to get out of bed, take a shower, and continue to enjoy Life on that day will be very, very welcome.)


Lori G. said…
This does sound exciting and I'm really proud of you for being proactive in thinking of ways to mitigate your sadness when TCB leaves. I'm really glad you have had such fun with Alcott and his brother too. It's hard, but the more you can put yourself out into other things and other lives, it won't allow you too much time to be sad. (And I don't blame you for being sad, trust me!)

You really are doing a great job with the situation and give yourself credit for this. I'm sure that the TCB is proud of you and your strength during this time!

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