Today is better

Thursday afternoon. Nothing of any import to report except that I was able to talk to TCB for about 10 minutes last night as he walked to the barber shop and, even though the call came through at 12:20 p.m., it was still the best call ever.

Mom reminds me gently during our morning call that I knew he'd be leaving, knew I'd be alone for two years, and - of course - she's right. I knew. Of course, I knew intellectually and it turns out that is a very different thing than knowing and understanding something emotionally and spiritually. There's this terrible ache inside (no, not the ulcer!) when I think about his not being here and it nearly never goes away. Even as I watch Alcott or his brothers playing football (my very favorite activity after talking with TCB on the phone), it's still there.

I know that I need to go and see a doctor and a dentist for my various physical ailments but I don't think there's any way they'll be able to cure that particular ache.


California Girl said…
That's great that you had a nice conversation. And you know what? This too shall pass. You have to remember that!

Isn't he coming home in a few weeks? That should be awesome :)
You are so brave to take this on. And you will really enjoy the time that he is home! For how long is he back here?

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