Monday night. I've started at least one other post in the last week only to get bored with it and just never finish editing or post it. Oh, well.

Life is so busy. So very busy. Let's see if I can summarize:

* I was supposed to go to a Junior League seminar/conference this weekend in L.A.
What actually happened?: I got as far as Anaheim, realized I didn't want to do it because it's not helping with my MEGA stress, pulled off the freeway to have breakfast at a favorite restaurant from my childhood, and then turned around to come home

* We were supposed to close on our new townhouse on October 10
What actually happened?: The mortgage lady sent an email on Friday afternoon (12 days before said close date) telling us that our VA financing will take 30-45 days and did we want to switch to a conventional loan (with $15K down that we don't have) or two conventional loans (first and second with the second being at a low, low 11.5%!) so that we could close on time? What??? If we had money for a down payment, we would have made one. It appears that we'll still owe between $15K and $20K for some special VA fees, though...wonder where we're getting that?

* I am not supposed to have to worry about Alcott anymore because he's settled and happy
What actually happened?: He's ditching class (several weeks), being confrontational with his lovely guardians, and ignoring the fact that he's on restriction. [Note that this isn't like normal teenaged angst because, for him, running away from home would have legal ramifications that would affect him until he turned 18.]

So, basically, I spent my weekend spoiling Alcott's brothers so that they know that they're loved and cherished (to minimize the effect of his behavior on them), doing laundry so that I can start cleaning before TCB comes home**, and meeting with the sales people regarding my mortgage woes. Although you might not expect this all to come out well, I think it actually will. (Well, not sure about Alcott, but he's 16 now and his decisions - bad or good - have to be his own. I cannot save him if he doesn't want saving. You have NO idea how difficult that is for me to write.)

**p.s. The official TCB Homecoming Countdown stands at 4 days, 18 hours, 45 minutes. This time next week, he'll be at home waiting for me after work. (Oh, God, how wonderful that sounds!!!)


Lys said…
Just hang in there :) Things will look up. And TCB's coming home soon.
Lori G. said…
You know, that's pretty awesome that you just turned around and drove away from the Jr. League conference. You recognized that this was contributing to your stress level and you stopped it.

I'm sorry about Alcott and I'm glad his family has you around. I know you had fun spoiling Alcott's brothers. I like that you recognize that Alcott is the person who will decide his own fate. I know that had to be difficult to write and even more difficult to live through.

It's only about 2 days and some odd hours and minutes before the dear TCB comes home. I'm so happy for you in so many ways. You've really have grown in many many ways since I started reading you. **hugs**

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