Like we'd never been apart

Monday afternoon. It's the strangest thing: I would have bet you anything in the world that I'd have been crying when I saw TCB for the first time on Saturday, but I would have been wrong. No tears, no big, emotional scene, just picking up right where we'd left off.

It's so good to have him here. It's as though I can finally exhale...finally relax...finally unclench every single part of my body that's been in "flight or fight" mode since that awful afternoon in May when I watched his plane taxi away. We've accomplished things with ease that I've been trying to fight my way through for months. I have more energy. I sleep better. The house is still a disaster (he got home two hours early and threw off my schedule!) and I just don't care.

There were so many reasons to celebrate over the weekend:
1. Alcott's football team won
2. His older brother's team had a bye week, so he was able to watch him play for the first time ever
3. TCB and I spent the entire afternoon Saturday with Alcott's siblings watching Pop Warner and eating yummy Hawaiian BBQ
4. We met my parents for lunch yesterday
5. TCB got to see our new townhouse for the first time since before it had insulation!
6. Listening to the soft breathing of my husband as he slept next to me this morning

God, Life is so good.


Trish said…
Yay, you're entry brought tears to my eyes Denise. Enjoy him and you!
Bluegrass Mama said…
Hurray! I am so glad the reunion went well. I hope this makes it a little easier to let go again after this leave, but I don't want to rush you. Enjoy your time together!
Argy said…
Oh sweetie!!!!

I know I have been distant...but please know...Im just SO happy for you!!!!


Lori G. said…
awww, I'm so happy for you Denise!
Mae said…
I'm so glad you've got him with you... and that it's like he never left.

California Girl said…
So awesome!

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