Quick update

About TCB going back to Japan, he's there and he's safe. It's hard and I'm sad and we'll survive.

About the wildfires, Dave, Abby, Harry, Sally (the cats) and I are all fine, however our new townhouse (still not ours officially) is about a mile away from the front lines of two separate fires and is in the direct path. We shall see what transpires but it's just a townhouse - a beautiful, wonderful house, to be sure - and we'll survive regardless of whether or not it does.

It's totally crazy here in San Diego with eight separate wildfires just blowing to the ocean with the winds (40-55mph) and not enough firefighters...unimaginably horrible. Pray for us.


Lys said…
Stay safe!
Lori G. said…
I am worried about you and everyone else in the S.D. area. It is just a house at this point in time -- just take care of yourself and the kitties.

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