Stick a little stamp on the old holiday card

Wednesday night. The title of this post arises from the fact that I've been humming Tony Orlando's old song "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" all afternoon as I respond to the many emails requesting TCB's address. The song, for those who don't remember, is all about a man who's been in prison and wonders what kind of welcome he'll get when he returns. He writes a letter that asks his wife to put a yellow ribbon on a tree out in the front yard so that he'll know if she still wants him to come home or not. When he comes home, he finds 100 yellow ribbons on the tree (because, of course, she wants him home more than he can imagine). Well, I want my husband home more than he can imagine, too, and I just keep imagining his face when he goes to collect his mail after they get back and finds this HUGE pile of cards waiting. I sit here crying while I think about it and they're happy tears because I think I might just have found him the best Christmas gift ever.


Shannin said…
I'll be sending my card this weekend. I'm trying to get some friends at work to participate as well, just to reach across the miles and thank one service man for his sacrifice and commitment to our freedom.

Have a good Thanksgiving.

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