Love Your Body, Day 9: Count your blessings instead of sheep

Last night I got about 7 hours of sleep and the night before was pretty close to 8 hours. Yesterday, I was still sleepy even after the full 8, but I feel really yummy today. Perhaps it's the Carnation Pink cardigan or wearing my Aunt Maud's pearl earrings...I'm guessing the sleep has something to do with it, though. I'm perfect on the vitamins since last week, so that's going well, too.



M@rla said…
Yay, I'm glad you're getting sleep. And also I haven't mentioned that I love your redesign, very attractive.

Have you thought about getting some motivational-type tapes to listen to? I don't mean the silly stuff, but I really like the products on this site (sorry for the commercial, no affiliations I swear). There are a lot of products for de-stressing, and they've got some sort of audio spa that you listen to on your computer(?) at work - that would be a fantastic benefit for some company to offer its employees!
Lori G. said…
I hope you're getting a lot more sleep. It will help you with the blood pressure and the diabetes and everything else.

I thinking of you (and a bunch of others) who may not have the ideal Christmas but please know everyone loves you and supports you. Be good to yourself in every kind of healthy indulgence you can find.

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