Love Your Body: You make a decision every day

Last night I was reading some of my archives as well as posts from folks who linked to me with nice things to say and it was just amazing to remember that I used to be fairly successful in the weight loss game. Some days, it feels a million miles away. Every time I remember, it just makes me sad, but not last night. Last night, it felt like a little light in the darkness put there just to help me remember the way.

I remember that I used to write pretty eloquently about the changes I felt in my body and about the decisions I made over and over that supported and validated the new life I was working for. Each day was another opportunity to succeed, another chance to do positive things for my body. And it all seemed so easy. It wasn't, of course, but that's the way that it looks from way over here. What it was really was my making a decision each and every day to wake up and choose to be healthy. I chose to eat smaller, healthier meals. I chose to walk at least five days a week for 60 minutes or so. I also chose to do my hair, put on makeup, and dress becomingly every day.

Every single day I had the choice, just as I do now. Just as I do now.

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