We are annoyed

Random bits of information:

I think that it must nearly be TTOM because I am cranky, it's tough to get to sleep and then I still wake up feeling tired, and I'm eating every bit of salty/sweet food I can get my hands on.

I tried to do some retail therapy last night to relieve my stress and anxiety and was unable to find a single thing that pleased me.

I'm so fed up with all of the "lose weight because it's the new year" advertisements and shopping pop-ups...go away!

I have a Junior League function tomorrow and I have no idea what to wear. This is a grave problem which will probably produce another grey hair.

I was supposed to hang out with Alcott tomorrow and now I can't because of the previously-scheduled-and-then-forgotten Junior League function.

My mom told me today that my aunt, uncle, and cousin all left for my grandfather's memorial service yesterday. My aunt had previously told me that there wasn't going to be a funeral or memorial service. Do they not want me there?

I am so annoyed/anxious/fed up. I want to go home to curl up on the couch with a good book and wait for the rain (and TTOM) to start! (Honestly, that's probably the best outcome for everyone involved, now that I think of it.)

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