Adventures in moving

Dear Readers,

For a dyed-in-the-wool procrastinator like me, few things can be worse than moving. Well, unless it's moving after 18 years, 3 months in the same place - gah!!!

I've had the keys to our new place for just over a week now and have moved nearly nothing. I've also packed next to nothing. I'm in analysis paralysis...I just want a Fairy Godmother to come and save me.

Being that the Fairy Godmother union seems to be on strike, I roused myself today to do a few rather critical things:

1. Booked the movers to get TCB's stuff out of storage in Oceanside and into the garage at the new place (next Sunday)

2. Got an appointment with the Customer Service folks for the house builders to figure out why my (upgraded, expensive, stainless steel M0en) kitchen faucet is leaking like a sieve and putting water into the cabinet below. Also, why my (upgraded, expensive, Wh1rlpool) gas dryer isn't drying. Also, why there is white residue on my (upgraded, expensive, M0hawk) carpet upstairs which looks suspiciously like paint

3. Transferred my gas and electric account. I'll keep power until 2/29 at the old place because that's the day I hope to move. (Note the key word "hope" in that sentence.)

4. Cancelled my cable/phone/internet at the old place on 2/28 (see above for why that date)

5. Got an appointment for next Friday with moving company to come out and inspect old place to create estimate for packing and moving (target move date: 2/29)

Still to do today: pay storage fees at my own unit. (Must see if I can pay for a partial month as my plan is to get it all out tomorrow. Plan being the key word there.)

Between now and next week when the moving estimate man comes, I must get unwanted things that are not too heavy for me to carry off to Goodwill. I must also vaccuum and - God help me - dust. (Truly, it's just a tip right now.) I also need to get an appointment with the hazardous waste people for next Saturday so that I can dispose of all of the household cleaners that have been lying about under my kitchen and bathroom sinks for years and years, unused. Also old paint. And old shoe polish. (Does anyone still polish their shoes?) Except that I'm meeting m parents for lunch in Oceanside next Saturday at 11:30. Cripes, I'm going to have to be the very first appointment in the morning.

What else, what else? Refrigerator should be delivered next Friday sometime if all goes well - hopefully between 9 and 10 when I'm scheduled to be there anyway to meet the Customer Service man (see #2 above). Oh God, oh God, oh God...this is, seriously, my procrastination Worst Nightmare. Why isnt' TCB here? Why am I unable to ask anyone else for help because I'm so ashamed of all of my junk and the tip that my house is???

As I told TCB many months ago, we are never going to move again, so I really hope you like this place!


Trish said…
Aww sweetie, wish I could help! As it is I too am moving on the 29th! Here's to leap year moves!

Big hugs!
Lori G. said…
Good luck with the move and keep a punchlist of things that need to be fixed at the new place. Things happen and it will all work out in the end. Yay for you and TCB for the new house!!!
Mae said…
OMG, I'm sorry. I'm trying to get over the part where you've lived in one place for EIGHTEEN years. The longest I've lived anywhere was five and a half years, and that was a pretty major record.

I hope the move goes smoothly. I understand all too well how much moving sucks. We moved last April and my office is still not unpacked. Except that things are randomly removed from boxes and strewn about, which is even worse. Ugh, the mess! Problem is, my office doesn't have much storage and it hasn't been in the budget... sooo...
Hey Denise...I just want to say THANK YOU for reading my blog. It's such a scary thing to put all this out there, but even if no one else reads it in the world, I'll know I'm being accountable to myself.

I hope the move is going well! Moving into a new house is a HUGE pain in the ass, but very exciting as well! It's a fun adventure to make a nice nest for you and your hubby.

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