I could not agree with Mamacita any more than I do. Go and read. The only thing that I would add is that you should have to finish your dinner before you get dessert if you're a kid, too. No, you may not skip your veggies and move straight to fruit tart!

In other news, I picked up my keys and garage clicker for the new house last night - huzzah!!! I picked up a sandwich and soup from Panera and had a little picnic in the middle of my (bamboo) living room floor. For entertainment, I read the owner's manuals for the microwave, washer, and dryer. (The cooktop and oven are too scary to use...they're gas.) I'm going back tonight with hand soap and towels as well as shelf paper (plus my ruler and scissors for precision measuring).

Life is good!


Thanks for the mention and the link!

Don't be afraid of your gas stove and oven; I LOVE mine!

Love, love, LOVE them. Gas is faster and cleaner and all-round easier to cook with.

I had an electric stove for twenty years and I'd choose the gas stove, no contest whatsoever.

Don't worry about a leak, or forgetting to turn it off, etc. The gas has an "odor" added to it. You'll know if something is ever wrong.

But it seldom ever is. Go for it!
Anonymous said…
Oooo, congrats! This is so very exciting.

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