One down, one (very large) to go

TCB is now moved into the new townhouse. Well, the contents of his storage space have been moved...and it's basically the same thing at this point. Six hours, two movers, $650 later and it's done.

I also found the power cord for TCB's monster big-screen TV (good) but can't seem to make it work with the nifty (expensive) DVR/cable box (bad). I did get the little TV to work with the cable cord in the master bedroom and TCB's desktop system boots up in the office, so that's something. I've got the cute, island-themed bedding washed and made up the guest room bed, plus the cute, island-themed towels were tossing around in the dryer and will go on the towel rack in the adorable guest bathroom to accompany the "monkey-swinging-in-the-tree" lotion holder, coconut with straw cotton ball holder, and the monkey head bathmat. Cute makes me happy. A hefty dose of Ty1enol PM will take care of the back pain and general exhaustion, and then I'll wake up in the morning and get back to the ugly business of transporting the contents of my condo to the new townhouse, piece by piece.

God, I need help.


Lys said…
Little by little you will be moved in! Just hang in there and make sure to take pics that way TCB can see everything!!

M@rla said…
I love the island-themed guest room! Need pictures please.
Trish said…
Hey girl, at least you're doing it! I have 3 boxes packed as of last movers are coming Friday 9am.

So I cancelled on my work's annual bowling tourney and will get to packing tonight because I have to. Now had I been good, I could have bowled and had Chinese (dinner after) but now no chinese for me!

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