Planning for success

Please bear with me as I write what will, no doubt, be one of the most boring entries ever. I need to make a list of things to be done over the weekend by what I'm hoping will be an army of friends and work colleagues who rush over to help me get out of this house and into the new one.

Task 1: Get things that need to go to dump together and then take away (2 people, 2 hours)
* Adirondack chair, miscellaneous pots and gardening bits and bobs from the balcony (no room for them at the new house), nasty dirty fan in my bedroom, miscellaneous craft supplies that I haven't even looked at since the '90s, broken down bookcase in my bedroom (found by my ex-husband at the curbside on trash pickup day). From the new house: planter and gardening tools from TCB's condo (no room for it and no garden), miscellaneous trash from the little bit of unpacking I've done

Task 2: Get things that need to be donated to charity together and then take away (3 people, 4 hours)
* Round entry table that was my grandmother's, clean box fan in its box, old desk downstairs, guest room bed and mattress, most of my towels and sheets (I have absolutely NO storage for linens in the new house), one of our vacuum cleaners, the carpet steamer/cleaner, Palm Pilot (very old), ionizer machine, both bedside tables from my bedroom, my mother's rocking chair, the cradle my grandpa made for the dog, nearly all of my stuffed animals, my grandmother's bedside table, my grandparents' set of 10 hard sided suitcases (circa 1960), Ikea TV and media cabinet, my FIRM lifter and weights set. From the new house: 400 pound dresser with mirror, lobster trap coffee and (2) end tables, all of TCB's Christmas decorations including the tree stand (bamboo floor = no more live trees ever)

Task 3: Load up and move furniture (2 people, 4 hours)
* couch, chaise, coffee table, desk, 2 side chairs, dining room table with 4 chairs, tall book/display case, my bed, my bureau and mirror, my grandfather's bookcase from my bedroom, bedside table in guest room, Mick's desk chair, treadmill (or will I need to pay movers to get that up the nasty stairs in our townhouse???)

Also to be done, Task 4: Gather electronics needing to be recycled and take to Leap Day Electronics Recycling Fair at work on Friday (me, hopefully no more than an hour before work on Friday)
* 2 old stereo systems, one "boombox", VCR machine that was my graduation gift in 1990, monitor for my desktop computer system

So, basically, seven people plus me for about four hours, in theory. Probably more like six people for an entire day when you get right down to it. Still, a heck of a lot better than my experience yesterday moving TCB's stuff from storage into the garage of the new place. $600 the poorer and in so much pain that I had to take a double dose of Tylenol Extra Strength.

That will leave the clothes, purses, hats, and shoes in my closet plus most of the contents of the kitchen and utility closet for me to deal with at my leisure (before April 1st). Oh, and the fish (separately from their fish tank). And the cats, their toys, their litter boxes, and their food. And the wall art.

I'll still need to get furniture pads from a moving rental company plus several dollies for furniture moving, but I don't think that's going to be a lot of money.

Now, who wants to come over and help, hmmm???


KTB_ said…
I have been wondering how the moving was going! I wish I was closer to help.
Shrinking Girl said…
If I was anywhere remotely close to you my dear, I'd help out in a heartbeat!! Good luck, sounds like you're very organized which is half the battle!!
yvonne said…
Denise -- babe, good luck with the move. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I finally took down the old page but I wanted to make sure you knew I was still out here, checking in on you and wishing you well.

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