Taking a month off while not even trying

Wow, it's been nearly a month since I posted...I haven't done that since the very beginning of this bloggy blog blog. In case there's anyone still reading, I'm not dead, although there were a few days when I thought I heard the Reaper behind me in the hall (it turned out to just be the janitorial staff).

Let's review the highlights (such as they are) of the last 27 days, shall we? (In total random order):
  • We've cleared the worst of the dementia that is our busy season at work. There will still be releases (oh yes, there will be more releases!), but they won't be piled up like the junk in my walk-in closet
  • My Junior League committee held our first event of the year on 1/26 and it was really good. Nearly no one showed up but those that did had a really good experience
  • I finally submitted my proposal for SPAC's sponsored legislation. I'm hoping that I get special credit because it was only about 2 months late - yay me!
  • I spent one-on-one time with Alcott during which we talked about really important stuff like college, his siblings, the politics of foster care, and which iPod nano color is "tightest" (black, in case you were wondering). I am doing homework now, compiling information about SAT scores and application deadlines for his Top 10 colleges
  • I was going to write something here about something from work and then I remembered that I don't want to get fired and writing stuff about work on your public blog is a fabulous way to do so. It was stuff that only I would appreciate anyway. Well, maybe Brooke, too.
  • I decided to put my name forward to be Chair for SPAC (see bullet #3 above) for next year. I did it on the deadline but at least I did it. I'd waffled for three months about whether I was strong enough to do it and then eventually realized that I was overanalyzing it. (Hate it when I do that.)
  • I cleaned enough stuff out of my walk-in closet to allow me to walk in and out safely. This is a major accomplishment and makes me very, very happy
  • I signed the escrow papers for our new townhouse. I signed a lot of papers, twice. (My husband is in Asia, remember?) I will get the keys and garage openers on Monday. It will be nearly four months late and truly better late than never

Alrighty, I think that's about it. I still miss my husband with an intensity that takes my breath away with regularity. I'm still not moving my body or eating well and I still have hope that I will start doing so very soon.


Minniepins said…
Since you have comments on, I'll say hi! Good to hear from you.
KTB_ said…
Glad you checked in here, I was starting to worry. xoxo, taylore
lisah said…
glad your back!

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