*Tap, tap, tap*

That sound that you hear is my impatient toe meeting the floor under my desk as I wait to hear from the Escrow people that I can go and pick up the keys and garage door controllers for my new house. I know I shouldn't be surprised that my "definitely Monday, Tuesday at the latest" assurances have not been met - these are the same people who were four months late with my close of Escrow date, too - still, it's frustrating.

In the meantime, it's sunny here for a change, I have my ultra-cute baby cable knit skirt and crisp, white wrap blouse on, so Life is good.


David Edward said…
congrats on the new place.

escrow is another word for purgatory
Gingernut said…
Yay! Hope you get the keys v soon, you must be SO ready to move in and make it your own.

Glad the work has calmed down again, and hurrah for cute skirts :)

Sarah xx
Mae said…
That skirt is so cute! I really like it. :)

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