Back from the (virtually) dead

Dear Friends,

Please forgive me for my recent disappearance. My internet connection at home is not functional and I'm not very good about hiking over to the local library (closes at 6:30 p.m.) or Panera restaurant to use the free internet, so I've been pretty much "off the grid" as they say here at work.

In case you're interested, here are some things that have happened to me recently...
1. I was elected Chair of the State Public Affairs Committee for the Junior Leagues of California. Seriously. Yes, I was the only candidate on the ballot, but still!

2. I took a class on being a Navy spouse. I did very well on the History of the Navy section and not so well on Navy Benefits.

3. I got really pissed off at a team member who took her grievance about being left off of a team PowerPoint presentation to a different manager as well as my manager. While I was out of the office. No, really, that's OK...I didn't want a bonus this year anyway.

4. The cats have scratched the walls, the bamboo floors, and the "fragile" carpet in the new house. They have also barfed and urinated on the carpet (my fault for leaving them four days with an "unfresh" catbox). I have not died, nor have they. Surprise!

So, in conclusion, no internet, some stress (both work and not-work related), love my new house, and new volunteer commitment - all is well. Except for the teeny, weeny fact of missing my husband even more now that I'm mostly moved. This is OUR house and there are only five of us living there...there's a huge hole where TCB is supposed to be. I want him home. I want him home now. I don't want him just for a day or a week or even two (dream big, Denise), I want him home for good. I cry nearly every night as I curl up on our sofa with our furry kids to watch our big screen TV. I cry sometimes when I pick up dinner to bring home to our house where I will eat alone. It wasn't this hard when I was living in the condo for some reason or perhaps it was and I just had so many other things on my list that I just didn't make room for the sadness.

I probably won't be able to update again for a while (until I can get my cable/internet/phone provider out to the new house), but I ought to be able to check email over the weekend, so feel free to write if you're so inclined. I could really use the distraction.


"Ms. Cornelius" said…
God bless you. Take care of yourself. What's so bad about crying? That's why they're called tear ducts and not moisture ducts.
Sueellen said…
Hey I think crying is good for a person; better than keeping it all inside. HUGS for you and the furry kiddies!
Mojo said…
Crying is good. I know I have done it while hubby's been at Gitmo. I'm envious of your new house. :) Bamboo floors!

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