I'm not a big fan of roller coasters

And now I seem to be on the upswing part of this monthly depression gig I've got going. Swell. I'm really hoping this is menopause and that it will get over itself quickly because I'm not enjoying this ride.

Last night's baseball game was great. I had fun with a friend AND I got to talk to TCB, briefly, so it was as close to perfect as I get nowadays. This morning it was up early and off to talk to new Junior Leaguers about Advocacy, a topic near and dear to my heart. I also went to the Container Store to exchange the Lazy Susans that I'd bought online only to find they're too big for the cavernous corner cabinets in the new kitchen. (I think I'm going to have TCB install these pull out drawer thingies instead...we won't be able to use the entire cabinet (to the side of the pull out) but we're going to have to pull everything out just to find anything anyway. (What a useless design!!!)

Tomorrow, I plan to sleep until I wake up (no alarm!), then do my weekly clean, then head to the condo to pick up:

- my triple-clad pots
- measuring cups (I'm going to make quiche)
- my teapot
- the rest of my plates
- some of my wine glasses (only the good ones - the cheap logo glasses I've collected from wineries around California are going to the Goodwill because we have no room)
- iron and ironing board (received the "over the door" organizer for the laundry room) (Oh, how I love having a proper Laundry Room!!!) (If only I could find the lovely wall-mounted drying rack that I ordered months ago and is now lost in the sea of boxes in the garage. It's gorgeous, it folds up and looks attractive when not in use, and it will allow me to dry my sweaters flat without having to constantly shoo the cats away from playing with them.)
- the remainder of my shoes and perhaps purses

My dearest friend, Tony, who is really more like a brother, has kindly taken Friday off to come over and help me get completely finished with the moving game, so I really do need to resolve as much of the stuff that ISN'T getting trashed or Goodwill'd before then as possible. I think I'll need a dumpster for all of the stuff that Goodwill won't want, but probably not a huge one. Also perhaps a small rental truck. Maybe not, though, because both of us have small SUVs and there isn't a lot of big stuff for Goodwill or the dump. Hmmm, must think about that.

OK friends, I'm back off to home, so I'll sign off. (Funny story...internet at home - which I'm PAYING FOR - still isn't working and my Verizon wireless card is as slow as dial-up, so I come to work when I want high-speed internet. There's the silver lining in being only 7 miles from work!)


M@rla said…
I doubt if it's menopause-related, you're too young! I'm approaching that time myself, and I'm really hoping it's just going to be over in five minutes. Other women tell me that's probably not realistic :-)

Ooooh, I would love to have a laundry room! I'm thankful to have my own w/d at all, but it would be nice to have room for the ironing board, some drying racks, and a folding table all in one place. I've already designed that into my dream house, with a little outdoor screened porch for line-drying or airing out clothes.

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