Moving: A list

I'm too tired (mentally and physically) to write something clever and I want to update on how things went with the move this weekend.

1. Furniture going to new house? In new house; cats are napping on couches and beds!
2. Toxic waste? At Hazardous Waste Transfer Facility (took like 2 minutes and I just sat in my car - sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet)
3. Furniture going to Goodwill? Still sitting in old house
4. Furniture going to dump? Still sitting in old house
5. Books, wall art, other things that weren't supposed to be going anywhere on Saturday? In new house
6. Four cats? Three came over to the new house on Saturday while Abby (my previously-abused and rescued by me seven years ago kitty) refused to come along, throwing herself against walls, screaming at the top of her lungs, and scratching the heck out of my arm. Fortunately for me, she had wedged herself into the cabinet in the very small powder room when I went back yesterday, so I just shut the door, put a good movie on my laptop, and waited her out. (She was stubborn and scared, as was willful nature won out.) After 2-1/2 hours, she just meekly climbed into the cat carrier. Of course, she started freaking out and screaming like a banshee immediately afterwards, but I had her carrier strapped into the car by then and we were on our way home. (Longest 20 minutes of my life.)

And, best of all...
7. Beautiful, new, stainless refrigerator? Humming along in its proper spot, spewing out lovely cold filtered water and ice! (Huzzah!)

My friends are amazing. It took about 3 hours from the first person walking in to the last person walking out of my new place, and that's even with 45 minutes to get from one place to the next! Every time I turned around, something else was being carried out. (Hence the wall art going in an unplanned departure. It's a good thing.)

To-do items for this week:
1. Get desktop computer and wireless modem from old house
2. Stop by TCB's storage place in Oceanside on my way back from Public Affairs Forum in LA tomorrow to tell them that we're moved out and give them back the lock
3. Create presentation for upcoming Junior League conference
4. Make follow up phone calls to check attendance for Junior League breakfast on Friday
5. Get shoes plus a load of clothes from old house (including clothes for Junior League conference over the weekend). Pick up a suitcase while I'm at it
6. Get medicine cabinet and shower contents from old to new house
7. Get another set of sheets plus another set of towels from old to new house

That's seven things and four days before I leave for conference...seems do-able.

p.s. TCB's coming home in April and we're going to spend a couple of nights at the Venetian in Vegas - WOOFREAKINHOO!!!


Jenn said…
I forgot to mention another fridge related complaint. This past Thanksgiving, while washing every single dish in my house, we realized that the home builder connected the hot water to the fridge.

We never knew before because we had never ran hot water long enough to make it turn scalding the second the faucet was turned on. I went to get water from the fridge dispenser and it melted my ice cubes on contact.

My dad suggested that the lines were mixed up, and it was confirmed a few hours later when the water had cooled off and the fridge once again dispensed cold water. Just more proof that our builders are morons.
Jenn said…
Oh, one more thing. Did you know that the Venetian is building a new wing/building called the Pallazzo? I don't know when it will be done, or how the room rates will compare to the Venetian, but it might be worth checking out since the rooms will be so new (if even open in April).
Lys said…
That's AWESOME Denise!!!! So glad to hear you are getting settled in.
M@rla said…
WOOFREAKINHOO indeed! Give him a big wet kiss for me. And congrats times infinity on your new house.
Trish said…
Wow Denise, you got a lot done! Be very proud :) April, not so far away, hubby will be in your arms in no time (though I know, not soon enough).

You're doing great :)
Peggy said…
You must feel so good about everything you've accomplished over the past week. Awesome news about the TCB visit too, I'm so happy for you chickie!!
Lori G. said…
Denise, that's really cool and I'm so glad you got moved so fast and efficiently. (I can well imagine the longest 20 minutes with the last cat all too well.)

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