"When you're a Navy wife, you learn to write in pencil"

The title of this post refers to my mother-in-law's response when I told her that TCB won't be coming home to visit. There are things going on that he can't tell me about and I can't imagine they're good things, which is tough to take.

I want to scream. I want to cry. I want to eat. I want to shop. I want to make this all stop and I can't. And I don't know what normal, non-compulsive people do when something like this happens, so I'm lost.

I had such a nice morning, too: I cleaned my house, I went to the Exchange on base to get TCB's deoderant and body wash (not such a high priority now but it was this morning), and I got most of the miscellaneous junk out of my car. Cleaning this house is so much fun and I get such a great feeling once it's done. The floors gleam. The stainless sparkles. The well-made bed looks like something you'd see in a four star hotel.

I think I might cancel the phone and internet here at home. The internet hasn't worked for almost a month, so I either need to cancel or spend a day at home waiting for someone to come and figure out what's wrong. For the phone, no one's ever called me on the new number so why keep it? The only thing that keeps me ambivalent is the spotty reception on my cell (and the mobile internet card) out here. I hear that they're going to put more cell towers out here but not until August. Lots of time between now and August.


Lys said…
You need the phone - just in case. Trust me on that please :) (too much CSI on my part but still).

Internet - it's worth it, I would think. Perhaps you and TCB can talk via webcam or something??

And stay strong. Can't wait to see pics of the house!
Trish said…
Awwww sweetie, I am so sorry to hear :( Will they rescheduled his leave or is it just gone?
JessiferSeabs said…
I'm so sorry about TCB. I cannot imagine how disappointing that must be. :-(

Hang in there!

And I'm with your first commenter -- for some reason, I just CANNOT get comfortable with the idea of not having a land line, even though I rarely use it!

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