Because I haven't done a Top Ten in a little while

I'm house obsessed, I tell ya' and here's further proof...

My Top Ten List of Things I Love About My New House
10. Having a garage! I just click the garage door opener when I turn the corner, drive in, click it again, gather my bits and bobs safe from the vagaries of Mother Nature, and tootle on into the house. LOVE IT.

9. My awesome floor coverings. Yes, I've complained about the 'boo downstairs and how prone it is to scratches and dents, but it's still totally the bomb. The carpet on the stairs and upstairs in the bedrooms is perfect, too...squish-a-rific under my feet while refusing to trap cat fur so that vacuuming is a breeze. Finally we come to the tile in the upstairs bathrooms and laundry room: it is so pretty with the wall color and carpet.

8. Granite countertops. Yes, I'm a little obsessed with the possibility of my diet Coke etching into its cool, quiet elegance, but there's just something so amazing about knowing I have gorgeous natural stone in my kitchen.

7. Stainless appliances in my kitchen. Truly, it's got to be a sin to be as proud of the fancy oven, stove, microwave hood, dishwasher, and refrigerator in your kitchen. Seriously, I thought I was as happy as I'd ever get when I moved in and began polishing the appliances that came with the house...and then the refrigerator arrived. Oh my Lord, please forgive me for loving that appliance so much. Cold, filtered water on demand inside the door so that it doesn't mar the stainless perfection! Honkin' huge ice cubes...billions of them a day! (I can finally make iced tea anytime I feel like it!)

6. Watching TCB's 42" HDTV inside its gorgeous built-in media center. I'm so proud of myself for figuring out how to hook everything up. Heck, I'm proud that I was able to find the correct power cord out of the Large moving box of cords that came from TCB's house. Watching The Tudors in HD? *swoon*

5. Having the master bathroom inside the master bedroom. No more having to wrangle the cats back out of my room after having to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night! I just shut and lock (I'm a little sketchy about living by myself - I think it must be the newness) the door with the furrkids out in the hallway (against their vociferous protests, it should be noted) and get ready for a wonderful night's sleep.

4. Extra-large soaking tub in the master bathroom. Need I say more? Candles, music, and a nice soak in the tub on a Sunday night. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. (Would have been better if there were a Jacuzzi option but that wasn't available.)

3. The beautiful breeze that always seem to blow through the house. Wake up on Saturday morning. Open door. (Watch cats tumble into my bedroom.) Walk to guest room window - open. Walk round corner to office window - open. Come back into my bedroom (raise false hopes of cuddles among cats!) - open window. Feel the breeze sweeping away all of the greyness that accumulates during the work week. Sense of equilibrium and calm descends. [Note that the calm does not extend to the cats who have, by this time, whipped themselves into a veritable frenzy of miowing and begging for attention.]

2. My new community garden plot. Yes, technically this is not a part of the townhouse, but the plots are only available to members of the master HOA (homeowners association), so I'm counting it! I cannot wait to plant veggies and fruits and then be like Farmer Denise with my bountiful basket of yumminess. Beans! Peas! Carrots! Berries! *drool*

And finally, the big winner...
1. Laundry room upstairs. I am truly spoiled. I went from ancient washer and dryer (like 25 years old each) out in the cold, dusty, publicly-viewable carport to beautiful, sparkling new washer and dryer (gas - wow, I never knew things could dry so quickly!) upstairs where the laundry actually lives. I don't have piles of dirty clothes all over my room now! I wash my towels and sheets regularly, as you're supposed to. (Cut me some slack here, folks - I'd work 10 hours, go to a Junior League meeting, and then I was supposed to go out in the cold to wash sheets?) And the washer even has a place to put the liquid fabric softner.

I am such a lucky girl!


California Girl said…
Sounds pretty fantastic! Congratulations on your little sanctuary!
Bluegrass Mama said…
Sounds wonderful! And my friend who just built a townhouse specifically had them leave the jacuzzi jets OUT of her soaking tub--they are a repair job waiting to happen.
Nell said…
I am so jealous of ALL those things!
JessiferSeabs said…
You had me at "Extra-large soaking tub in the master bathroom." I would kill for that, as I am a frequent bubble-bath taker.

And the garden is fantastic. I think you'll LOVE the therapeutic nature of gardening and growing your own food... I know I did (until I also adopted a 75 black lab who really likes to eat peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and brussel sprouts, right off the vine!)
Jenn said…
Your granite is very similar to ours, I love it! You need to take pictures :)
Amy said…
It is so nice to be simply rich!!!
Minniepins said…
It all sounds wonderful! Making a gratitude list is really good for you, too. Being grateful, I believe, is the antidote to everything bad ;-)

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