I'm not going to write you a love song

Ugh. I'm so over this week and yet it lingers like the expired packet of sliced mushrooms I finally chucked out of my beautiful fridge over the weekend. Work is sucky. TCB can't get leave. I'm going to a Junior League conference in Sacramento this weekend and I'm supposed to be prepared to transition to my successor. (I'm not. Prepared, that is.) Everything seems impossibly difficult.

Oh yes, TTOM must be due next week.

Incidental note: I remember how miserable and confused I was before I'd made the connection between feeling crushingly depressed about 10 days out of each month and something else that visits me every month. I hope this goes away at the end of the Mental Pause because I'm not OK with this particular "joy of being a woman".

Yes, his command has denied TCB's original request for leave which was a month and coming up very soon. Their counter offer is two weeks at the end of a month coming up soon. While I'm sad that we won't have longer together (and Vegas is probably out), I just want him home.


Suze said…
Awww Denise :( Still two weeks is a whole 14 days of TCB goodness - infinitely better than not seeing him at all. Maybe you could have a nice couple of days somewhere closer than Vegas - although just being together anywhere would be marvelous I'm guessing. Chin up :)

P.S. and yes, being a girl totally sucks sometimes.

Suze @ http://dailyfrippery.com
Jenn said…
I'm sorry about TCB being denied leave :( I can't imagine how frustrating and sad that must be for you. I hope they stick with the two week offer.

Btw, I had old mushrooms in my fridge a week or so ago and holy cow... I have never smelt anything as bad as those. They didn't even look bad, actually, just stunk terribly.

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