Kicking it in the Jury Lounge

I am doing my part to keep San Diego County safe from unrepentant scofflaws and ruffians! I am continuing a tradition of "a jury of one's peers" dating back hundreds of years in the United States! I am doing my civic duty! I am really glad that I have my wireless Internet card because this is going to be a really long day.

UPDATE: I was called to a courtroom and then excused three hours later because of a clause in the finance contract for our new townhouse. God Bless the California Department of Veterans' Affairs for their two-year "no sell" clause!!!

Let's see what else I can share while marking friend Tony and I spent 3-1/2 hours on Friday just packing up the kitchen part of my condo. Dear God, how did I ever get so much stuff? It's especially gut-wrenching given the fact that I never cook. Seriously, more kitchen stuff than even a gourmand would ever need. Happily, better than half of it went to the Camp Fire Girls jumble sale, to be held this weekend. Still, there is SO MUCH left over there and so little room in the townhouse. Well, I suppose most of it would fit pretty easily but I want to pare down. I just love living a Life Less Cluttered and I don't want to drag all of the junk over even if it would fit in a closet somewhere or (God forbid!) the garage. I will not turn into my mother, with a house so cluttered she's ashamed to have people over and a garage full of stuff they haven't touched in 20 years. (Seriously, I could probably make $1,000 selling all of the furniture that's just sitting in there!) TCB's mom is the same way. I'm not sure if TCB is a pack rat by nature or if he's just been too busy or uninterested in the past to go through and throw out, but that is going to have to change when he comes home.

There is power in the blank spaces, people, and I'm revelling in it!!!


Jenn said…
I think I'm missing something. How does a no sell clause in your contract keep you out of jury duty???

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