What's your business or industry?

The question in the title came from our marriage license application. For me, my answer was Software Development. For TCB, I wrote in, "Defending America's Freedom". The Clerk laughed when he saw what I'd written, but that's what he put on the official license. Well, what would you call it???

Anyway, here's a picture of the Husband in Question from yesterday when he climbed the Great Wall. I'm not sure if he's sweating because he'd just finished climbing or if it's raining. (A work colleague pointed out the ladies with umbrellas in the background.)

Our anniversary (one year for those not around last year this time) is coming up on Sunday and I wish he was here so much. He sent lovely orchids to the office yesterday (see picture) and they are putting forth the most gorgeous scent as I sit here. Still, I look forward to the day that he'll be able to pick up flowers at the neighborhood florist at the last minute as he drives home from work.


Jenn said…
Happy (early!) anniversary.
California Girl said…
Aw, great picture! That is so sweet that he sent you orchids! It takes effort to do that from halfway across the world!

I wish you a very happy, happy anniversary. Hugs to you both.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe you've been married a year already! Wow, time flies :).

Happy Early Anniversary and I LOVE what you put on the license.
Sueellen said…
What a great picutre! Happy Anniversary to both of you!

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