If I ruled the world, part 2

The ride home from the airport was fun. He kept remarking on how far it was from where I'd lived before.

"Yes, dear, we live in North County now."
"It's not really North County!"
"They sell the North County Times outside our grocery store."

Getting home and holding my breath while he looked around...would he like it, his new home? We settled onto the sofa to watch some TV before bed. I drifted off to sleep listening to his quiet, even breathing.

It was the swish of a cat's tail across my face that woke me up, and I started crying because the dream had been so real.

"Shhhhh, it's OK, I'm here...don't cry," he whispers, and I cry harder when I remember that it isn't a dream, that my husband is home for two whole weeks. I settle into his arms and go back to sleep.


Shauna said…
:) :) :) :)
AK said…
I can only pray that the time will stand still so you can enjoy every second with you hubby. *super hugz* Until they get that "time management" thing figured out, live every moment, OK?
M@rla said…
Thank goodness that darned navy finally got a clue and sent him home!! Enjoy every second, sweetie.
Shannin said…
Enjoy your time. I know it will be all-too short, but you have him here now.
Plantation said…
Wow, you're married and happy. I've been away too long. Belated congrats deary.
KTB_ said…
Oh yay. I am so happy TCB is home right now.

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