If I ruled the world

I had a challenging day at work today. Thankfully, TCB had dinner ready when I came home - my favorite, meatloaf! - and gave me a hug while I told him about events of the day. I moved his work shoes out of the way as I walked to the couch to collapse, with the local news on the TV.

"Did you hear about the truck that spilled a load of cooking oil on the 5 today?"
"No," I say, while grabbing a cat to (forcibly) cuddle.
"Boy, it was a real nightmare," he says, "took me twice as long to get to work as it should."
"Bummer," I mumble, feeling profound. "You really need to look at getting a job closer to home so that you don't have to worry about that commute!"
He thinks for a moment and then says, "You're right, 20 minutes on the road every day is just crazy."

Yes, everything after the first sentence is a fabrication...it's what I want to happen. What will really happen is this:

Leave work. Drive through fast food, pick up something with no nutritive value. (Side order of something fried. Artificially sweetened diet soda.) Tap foot impatiently while I sit in traffic, longing to be home already. Click garage opener. Sigh audibly when the door closes behind me, knowing I'm back in my safe little cave. Unlock door to house. Shoo cats back when they try to run into the garage. Walk calmly to couch, collapsing as I put down the fast food and accompanying drink. Click TV remote. Choose program from DVR. Stay in same position for next 3-4 hours before turning the AC down 15 degrees and heading up to bed. Feed and water cats. Shut door behind me, making sure no cats are in the bedroom. Pull all covers off of bed, crawling on top of the fitted sheet, before succumbing to sleep.

I like option #1 better, don't you?


Sueellen said…
OK I had to go back and read the last few days again because I was thinking to myself, when the heck did TCB come home!! Nice daydream though eh! HUGS!
M@rla said…
Oh sweetie. The day will come! In the meantime you just have to make Option #2 better.

Yeah, "just"!

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