Damned if I do, damned if I don't

I've debated whether or not to mention here that I logged into my eDiets account today, creating a week's worth of menus, and printed my shopping list. I guess you can tell which side won, huh? I don't know what it means or how this is going to work out, I only know that I feel like making positive changes in my life and this seems like a good first step.

I found someone to take my treadmill out of the old house last night (list something for free on Craigslist and you'd be amazed how quickly people will respond), so my old exercise stand-by is no longer available. I have a $47 YMCA membership that I'm not using and they do offer water exercise classes in the morning and evenings, every day, so that's an option. There's also lots of flat paved space around the new house for walking. Basically, I've got what I need in order to be active, now I just have to do it.

I don't want to be thin. I don't want to buy new clothes. I just want to live longer with my husband. In my new house. With my friends and family around me. Simple


Suze said…
Ahh I'm all for taking it easy. Maybe just adjust your diet a wee bit. Go for a wander around the new neighborhood on a warm summer evening - just a stroll, nothing too dramatic. It all helps.

kitty said…
that is exactly how I feel too - it's not about getting thin or wearing smaller clothes - I just want to live a nice long HEALTHY life with my husband and the other people I love
I've really been thinking a lot about this lately... and plan on buying a new scale so I know where I'm starting - and will hopefully get back into putting my bloggy energy back in that direction too... hopefully that will help me stay focused

anyway I don't know how I found you (it was a while ago) and I don't know what brought me back here today - but I'm glad...

I'm sending good health vibes your way =)
Anonymous said…
That is the exact reason that I started my journey to get healthier. I have a lot of weight to lose but it isn't about the numbers for me its about feeling better, and being there for my family and most importantly myself. We are here for you! HUGS!

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