I don't know what to write. It used to be so simple to come here every day, full of things that I couldn't wait to pass along to whoever stopped by, but that's not been true for quite a while.

Part of it is that my original reason for writing (weight loss) doesn't seem pertinent anymore. I'm not even conflicted about my body image at this point. (It's amazing what wearing flattering, girly clothes will do for a girl's body image!) I know I should eat better and exercise for my health, but it's just not front of mind at the moment.

Yes, having TCB 5,000 miles away is tough but I'm also enjoying having my space and doing what I like. (I know this won't last long and that I'll be desolate again in a few months, but for now I have phone conversations every night and my new TCB-installed ceiling fan, so I'm OK.

Alcott and his family are doing really well now. He's talking about going to college somewhere in state but that could change in 12 months and, even if it doesn't, it's up to him anyway.

Old friends and new ones, too, bless my life with happiness and as much (or as little - my choice) activity as I choose to take on.

None of this makes for particularly scintillating writing, however. Does anyone have a tried-and-true way to stimulate your creativity? Please, for the love of everything holy, write it in the comments if you do because I'm nearly at my wit's end.


Lys said…
Just hang in there - I'm in the same boat when it comes to writing for the blog sometimes.
Suze said…
I don't know really. I"m a brain fart type of person. Something happens (and not much happens in my life, trust me!) and it's sometimes cathartic to make it funny, or amusing, and put it out there. Perhaps you could join some carnival type groups with similar interests to you, some cat bloggers etc, navy wives, that kind of thing. People who will inspire you with what they write.


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