Why did no one tell me???

OK, TCB sent me an Apple TV last week and I've just today gotten the HDMI cable and hooked it up. As a way to test whether or not it was working, I downloaded Carson Kressley's "How to Look Good Naked" and WOW, I'm just blown away. I know none of the women from the first season are as big as me, but they have tummies, too, some of which stick out past their chests (probably my biggest source of embarrassment) and some of them have flappy inner thighs, too. I want Carson to come and make ME feel sexy when I'm naked. Actually, I really just want to make myself feel it. Instead I'm sitting here thinking, "Wow, when I only have 40 pounds to lose, I can look sexy, too." Um, perhaps I do need Carson!


Suze said…
I need him too - except I can't stand him :(
We all have issues I think, no matter our size.

kitty said…
whenever I see those shows I think 'WOW when I was that size I thought I was a cow too... but LOOK at her - she's SMOKIN'!!'

now of course I AM a cow - I wonder if it IS like that video you posted a few days ago... I wonder (not that I intend to let it happen) but I wonder if 10 years from now I'd look back at pictures of myself NOW and think I looked alright (I kinda doubt it) I've WAY gone over the limit of what can be considered acceptable!! but I DO look at pictures of myself when I was 20 and even though I was considerably overweight... I was definitely at a weight where Carson could have helped me

hmmm did any of that make any sense??

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