Guilty pleasures and also Why My Husband is So Much Better Than Anyone Else I Could Have Married

Alright, fess up: who else is watching this show? It looked so cheesy when I first saw the previews while TCB was home but then I thought, "What else is on over the summer? Give it a shot." And I'm hooked. It's actually really clever, both acting and writing, and I count the days between episodes now. And then I decided to fire up my laptop and go to to check out the music I'm hooked on it, too. Get the application and search on "tag=swingtown". OK, perhaps those of you not alive in the '70s won't appreciate it but I love that it makes me remember summers spent as a kid listening to my transistor radio over the long school holidays.

Dorothy Hamill hair, tube tops, flip flops, and cut-off jeans shorts. I was eight years old in the summer of 1976 and I remember it so was a great time to be a kid. I was Gerald Ford's campaign manager in the mock election we held at our school that year (some things never change) as well as being all wrapped up in the Bicentennial hoopla. Our huge, wood-encased TV brought a whopping 5 channels into our living room. (I was the remote control: "Denise, change the channel.") Our phone (we only had one) was avocado green to match the appliances and it had a circular dial mechanism. I don't think video games existed at that point and certainly the personal computer did not, so we spent our time riding bikes, running through the sprinklers, and playing with my Bionic Woman/Six Million Dollar Man action figures. (I also had Barbie's cousin had Barbie's Cruise Ship - did anyone get the Barbie Star Traveller motor home? I wanted that SO BADLY but it was like $75 so that just wasn't in the cards.) Life was simple and it was good. I wonder what the kids that are eight years old will think of their childhood when they're 40?

In closing, I have to mention that my husband totally ROCKS. He's been asking me to email or (at least) update my blog for the better part of a week, so, when he reiterated that request yesterday via instant message, I told him to check my blog. About 15 minutes later, he told me that I should go to BlogHer and that he'd transfer money to my account to make it happen. Isn't he the sweetest man ever? I did explain that I'd already given away my opportunity to be one of the few allowed to register after the cutoff and also thanked him for being so kind. Honestly, I knew I could have made it happen financially but I also knew that, in this economy with necessities of life becoming so dear and layoffs all around me, it just wasn't the right decision for me to make. Sort of like not buying the shoes that I want. I guess I'm growing up.


Bluegrass Mama said…
Oh, you are such a baby! I actually voted in that 1976 election. And I never had a Barbie anything, not even doll.

But you are absolutely right in that your husband rocks. Though in my world, my husband could never transfer money into my account because our money's been mixed forever. Then again, we've never lived half a world apart...
Anonymous said…
I am loving Swingtown, except the daughter. I fast forward through everything about her pretty much. Could they have picked an uglier actress?

I LOVE Tom and Trina.
Barbi said…
I was 10 in '76, I had Barbie's Camper! It was orange! I loved it. My brother broke off the yellow plastic awning, I was devastated but my dad crazy glue the poles back on and life was good again. We had 5 channels in our wood encased tv as well, but we also had one really snowy channel, that only blinked in and out, but it was very exciting when you could catch a glimpse of some sort of human figure in all the fuzzy snowy static.
My girlfriend had the Sunshine Family dolls, which I always wanted, but I never got. They would camp in a tent next to the Barbie's Camper. LOL
Thanks for taking me back :)!
kitty said…
uh oh you mentioned tv... I could go on all day about tv!! especially Swingtown - oh maaan I'm totally addicted to Swingtown!! I record it every week and every week when I erase it I cringe because I'm SO afraid it won't last beyond the summer replacement stage and I don't want to lose it!!

they seem to cancel ALL of my most favoritest shows =(

if this one doesn't last I think I'll CRY!! haaaa
Unknown said…
Being the Nuke that I am. Yes there video games back in 1976 and it was Pong and the reason I know this because we had it. Oh yes Personnel Computers did exist back then but they were pretty scarce. Apple started in 1975 and IBM did produce the PC back then also but mostly for rich business men.

If you really wanted to know what 1976 was like you should have lived in or near D.C. like I did.

Also when I was growing up we had a HEATHKIT TV that me and my dad built together so we had a wireless remote. My dad was Tech junkie because we built the PONG system also. We also had touch tone phones and two TV's. LOL

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