I have celebrity readers - who knew???

Wow, I'm just blown away that: a. I have three readers! and b. All three of them are going to BlogHer (one of them is even part of that fine organization)! And then, just after my heart was warmed by their kind offers to help me attend the conference, it hit.

"Holy moly, if I go...they'll know that I'm fat. Not acceptably fat* but really and truly and offensively fat."

So, apparently the answer to the age-old question of "How long would it take to destroy the years of self-acceptance and love-yourself work you've been doing, Denise?" is "About 5 seconds." Nice. I am, truly, an idiot.

I'm still trying to figure out whether I can lose 80 pounds in 15 days via liposuction or laser treatments (I think I saw an infomercial about it), so I apologize if I've not gotten back to you with an answer about needing help to get the conference as yet. I can't really ignore such a great opportunity because I'm fat, can I???

* Whatever the heck THAT means.


Anonymous said…
Of course you should go! Everyone who has read here for more than 5 minutes knows you are a rubenesque woman.

Sounds like fun - have a good time!
lisah said…
I think that you are witty and honest and giving and loving and kind, and, and, and,..."fat" doesn't even enter the picture. Clearly you are a beautiful person! I hope that you are able to go and enjoy yourself!

kitty said…
ugh - I relate all too well to opting out of things because I'm fat - if I had one piece of advice to give someone inclined to do the same it would be to STOP!!
life is TOO short to hide from the world - GO!! enjoy yourself...
if you go then I promise next time something comes up that I want to avoid because 'I might run into someone I know and then they'll see how fat I've become' - I'll go

guarantee the world won't come to an end... in fact I'm SURE you'll have such a good time that you'll wonder why on earth you ever considered missing it!!
that is what I'll tell myself next time something comes up anyway hehehe

p.s. in my case... 80 pounds would be a great START!! so really... you're not alone =)
Heather said…
If you find a way to lose 80 pounds in 15 days, please let me know!

I'm considering attending BlogHer next year. If I go, you won't be the only fat one there.

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