I'm so hot

The title is not, sadly, a reference to any blazing new sense of self-love, but rather my constant battle cry over the last week or so. I'm having a tough time adjusting to the fact that I no longer live a mile from the beach with its beautiful ocean breezes and constant high temperature of 70F. Here at the new homestead, the new "norm" is mid-80s during the day and "lows" of 62. With my air conditioning malfunctioning, it leaves it really hot upstairs where the bedrooms are, and that's not a good thing when you're trying to sleep. The repairman came out today and told me that a cap had been left off of the unit outside which had allowed Freon to leak out and that was why it wasn't cooling things off inside; I hope he's right.

Just in case, however, I'm investing in a few more warm weather outfits courtesy of Lys. If people are going to be offended because of my fat arms, that's their problem. If they don't like seeing my fat tummy wrapped in beautiful, tangerine material, that's also their problem. My problem is that I really loathe being hot and I cannot go through the rest of the summer this way. Beautiful clothes know no weight limits - stand and be counted!


Marla said…
I had no idea the climate would change so much moving such a small distance! Girlie, I am trying to feel you, but since we are currently experiencing 95+ with lows barely into the 80s, my sympathy only extends so far :-) But I hope getting some more freon will take care of it for you.

Re sleeveless tops: You know my feelings about people who have a problem with the way some part of my body looks: go poke your eyes out, it's not MY problem!
kitty said…
I've ALWAYS been self conscious about my upper arms... even when I was 10 years old and not even the slightest bit overweight... THEN my problem was I had 3 or 4 freckle/birthmark type things on each arm

I've never been comfortable wearing anything sleeveless

not even in my own house =(

now I look at those freckly things and wonder what the heck I was thinking

I really should just get over it hehehe I've been saying for... too long now!! that the days of wearing clothes to hide my fat are LONG gone... there's no hiding it at THIS point - so WHY be more uncomfortable than I have to be?

next time I get clothes maybe I'll bite the bullet and get something sleeveless too =)

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