Life usually works out for the best

OK, I'm now totally glad that I didn't go to BlogHer. There was this crazy moment on Friday when I contemplated piling clothes and stuff into the car and just driving to San Francisco to join in. Omigosh, having read several accounts of the festivities, I am SO GLAD that I did not.

What have I learned?
1. That it was just like being back in school where the cool kids (in this case, or so I hear, the mommybloggers) made everyone else feel inferior (not necessarily intentionally, just by the fact of their coolness and confidence)

2. That the best parties were invitation only. Again, way to make everyone else feel lame.

3. That the fat-0-sphere (to me, those who write about struggles with weight and those who write about loving themselves as they are without losing weight) was totally non-existent. Wonder if that has anything to do with people feeling like they'd be judged on their appearance? Gosh, I hope not.

I would have sat there, not knowing a soul, and set my attempts at self-love back a decade or so. I am shy with strangers on a good day and I really don't have a lot of things in my life that I have created which I can point to with pride and say, "This is something good that I created and I'm proud of it." So, to feel that this journal isn't good enough or popular enough or whatever...that would crush me.

Besides, I had a great weekend with the kids, and they totally think I'm good enough.


Unknown said…
Well maybe working with Foster Children and running a State Lobby Group is not accomplishment enough I don't know what is. Maybe running a household while your husband is halfway around the world. Who knows.
I think that the work that you've done with the boys and the work that you do for the lobby are amazing. I think that your blog is wonderful and it's been on my toolbar for years.
I think you're great.
I've not commented much, but it's probably time for me to tell you that when you first started your relationship with TCB, it inspired me. I realized that I could have a relationship with a man without having to be a size 2 (or 12 for that matter). I'm happy to report that I'll be getting married in October. You should know know that your confidence inspired me.
Marla said…
I totally want to hear about how it was like high school! Tell me every bit of juice you know of.

I wish I could have gone there with you. We could get drunk and wear stupid costumes and be kicked out and not invited back. I would love that.

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